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MyCity lets you track all your services, utilities and alarms here in real time.

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Capture bottle necks at intersections, highways and where ever.


New features on My City

New features on My City Several new features have been incorporated into the My City website. Google Maps icon indicating your logger's GPS coordinates; A viewable service record icon detailing any work done on site; Pictures icon of the physical site; A files folder icon where you can store any other relevant information and then Better page-to-page navigation; Highligiting of data falling outside of set parameters etc. These are just a few of the new features that will make your My City experience more convenient and user-friendly!

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High Voltage Pressurised Cable Monitoring

In most large Cities oil filled pressurised High Voltage cables are employed to carry 66Kv or more between Sub-Stations. It is vital that the pressure in this cable is maintained at a preset level. Any drop in pressure could mean an oil leak and therefore a breakdown in insulation between phases. A breakdown in insulation can result in a cable blow-out and a loss of supply.

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