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MyCity lets you track all your services, utilities and alarms here in real time.

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MyCity Frequently Asked Questions

A few useful questions and answers concerning the MyCity product. Should you have any further questions please contact us through our website.

Q. Can the MyCity user interface be customised to my requirements?

A. Yes most of our customers have different requirements and we do accommodate them.

Q. How many inputs are there on each MyCity outstation?

A. Up to 7 inputs on one unit. (a combination of anologue and digital inputs) Can be expanded to include more.

Q. Is the MyCity outstation waterproof?

A. Yes to IP68.

Q. Can the MyCity outstation perform control functions?

A. Yes, sms messages to a remote cellswitch device.

Q. Can we have more than one user on our MyCity login?

A. Most definitely.

Q. Can the MyCity outstation be buried?

A. Yes, only when it is dead! It can however be used in Manholes and Underground cellars.

Q. Can the MyCity outstation be submerged in water and still communicate?

A. Yes, provided the antenna is not under water.

Q. Can you expand the MyCity outstation to have more I/O?

A. Only on the Mains Powered Unit.

Q. Can the MyCity Outstation be moved to another location?

A. The MyCity Oustation can be relocated at any time.

Q. Can the MyCity be used as a stand alone logger?

A. The MyCity outstation is a logger with the added capability of being web-enabled.

Q. Can MyCity be used outside South Africa?

A. Yes.

Q. What is  the Maximum number of MyCity Outstations per System?

A. Unlimited.

Q. Cellular coverage in my area is not that good, is there a way around this.

A. Yes you can use a high gain antenna. They are very effective.

Q. Can the MyCity RTU send data to SCADA system.

A. Yes, drivers are available.


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