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MyCity lets you track all your services, utilities and alarms here in real time.

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MyCity - Your utility partner

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MyCity is a GSM-based Remote Monitoring System. It provides a generic platform for the publishing of real time information on the monitoring and management of water and energy resources.

The MyCity RTU is unique in that it is small, intelligent, water proof and self-powered for up to five years. The MyCity RTU can be installed in virtually any location. Applications include Power, Water and Storm water, Sewage and Effluent, Emergency Services and Traffic and Industrial Applications. The possibilities are almost endless. Managers and Operators can have real time information such as trends, alarms, change of state and graphical representations of field data at their fingertips immediately after the unit is installed. The user interface opens in a standard browser such as Internet Explorer and presents operators with a host of online functionality.

MyCity has been received and accepted as the benchmark remote monitoring system in the industry, providing monitoring and management solutions to cities, towns, districts and utilities. Our vision is to be the preferred service provider of web based monitoring and control systems for industrial and commercial applications in Africa.

In these partnerships and in our product design we strive toward optimum resource efficiency, providing versatile, custom-designed products and solutions to an ever-increasing demand on sustainable energy and water resources. Herein our mission is to provide equal opportunities to all our employees, to continually strive for excellence in our products and to ensure that our customers enjoy quality products and service. There are currently mote than 2 000 MyCity RTU’s employed by a varied customer base in various applications both in South Africa and in surrounding countries.

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water - Loran Eisely

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