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MyCity lets you track all your services, utilities and alarms here in real time.

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Technical Information for MyCity

Technical Information regarding the MyCity utility monitoring infrastructure.

Product Overview

MyCity is a web-based generic platform for the publishing of real time information of Cities, Towns, Districts or Utilities. It makes use of the GPRS or other services offered by the various GSM network operators. The information also can be transmitted to the platform by third party SCADA systems monitoring citywide parameters or directly from outstations in the field supporting the protocol or a MyCity outstation. The MyCity outstation is an intelligent data logging device, capable of scanning a number of sensors monitoring flow, level, power, status, pH or any other parameter. The information is stored on the platform server and made available in the form of graphic trends, charts and reports to different levels of management or interested parties across the city, using a browser.

MyCity Outstation – Battery, Mains or Solar Powered

Information is transmitted to the web server by an outstation, no larger than a 2L Coke bottle. It is powered by an internal battery with a battery life of 5 years. It is also possible to download the outstation data onto a laptop computer or other data transfer device and onto a PC. The memory capacity is such that it can store at least six weeks' data, logged at 15 minute intervals. The outstation is equipped with a GSM module capable of communicating with the internet server. An alarm condition can be programmed at the outstation. This could be an empty reservoir, full sump, and high flow rate or low battery power. On an active alarm condition, the outstation sends an SMS to a pre-programmed number.

Technical Data

What makes MyCity unique?

Key features

  • Low cost outstation/RTU
  • Battery Powered (no cables or solar panels) for remote locations
  • Compact and Portable
  • Uses existing GSM network maintained by a 3rd party with 99,99% availability
  • Lower upgrade costs than traditional outstations
  • Free web-based software with regular software upgrades
  • Unlimited users at no extra cost
  • Data can be pushed directly to other systems such as Adroit or IMQS
  • User friendly website available from any computer with internet, anywhere, anytime
  • Proudly South African product with Local Support and Development


  • Real time monitoring device for industrial, municipal and many other applications.
  • Flexible, scalable and easy to install.
  • Ease of interfacing capability to other equipment and devices
  • Software with configurable threshold settings
  • Remote switching capability via digital outputs
  • Immediate fault and alarm monitoring
  • Offers high level of preventative, diagnostic and management tools
  • No unnecessary site visits for the collection of data
  • Data logging facility
  • Flexible and visual front-end software for ease of use


  • Accurate and immediate information - in real-time
  • Instant fault reporting and diagnostics
  • Reduced data collection costs
  • Integrates into a wide range of equipment, devices and sensors
  • Low cost GSM data & SMS text messages, via our easy billing
  • Fast, easy installation


Demo City

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